There is a brand called exo that seeks to normalize the consumption of insects in western countries. They make protein bars out of cricket flour.

This is interesting.

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I haven’t been very active on tumblr for a really long time and I know that a lot of people have unfollowed me… but I do want to get back into tumblr and try out an idea I’ve had for a long time. I just want to gauge interest first.

over the years I’ve had a couple of kpop references that I’ve used in school to help me remember some things. I was thinking of making a blog that incorporated kpop into a variety of subjects. having this visual aid as well as using an interest of some people could possible help with school. I might also just use certain things that are said in kpop and do a brief summary of a topic, if people would like that. I would of course always be open to suggestions :]

so how many people would be interested in a blog like this?

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2013 → Jonghyun [Music Videos]

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the real intro to catallena

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seungho stops singing to laugh at him


g.o is laughing while singing


mir is trying hard to not crack up while rapping


thunder is in his own little world and doesn’t really care


and joon decides that the floor is a nice place to be




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Joon makes a pun in the last gif, using 고기/gogi/meat instead of 거기/geogi/there.

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당면아… 뜨겁지?

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abc’s of iu
↳ b for blonde

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wild SHINee in their natural habitat

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